CPSC Awards 2019

The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for contractors and their teams to showcase some fantastic examples of outstanding professional performance within our locality​

Now in its third year, the CPSC committee are very keen to build upon previously successful events to celebrate again some of the best examples of work going on within Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth. Feedback from those that attended last year was very positive and the excited atmosphere in the room was tangible to everyone there.

This year we challenge ourselves again to host this super event, with hopefully even more entries for each category and even more teams competing to win and / or be recognised by their peers for what they have achieved throughout the year.

Details of this years Awards event have now been announced and posted onto the CPSC calendar. Further details were announced in the CPSC News article dated 17th May 2019 (see info drop down box below)

Will you be one of the lucky people invited to attend as a potential winner of one the categories?

This year there are five categories which you are able to enter:

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CPSC Awards 2019 info

Full information and nomination forms were announced in the following CPSC News article on 17th May 2019

CPSC Awards 2019

CPSC Awards Winners & Judging Panel

CPSC Awards 2019 Photos