Healthy Living Pharmacies (HLP)

The evolution of Healthy Living Pharmacy begins in Portsmouth and dates back to 2009. The concept has spread across England and has now been incorporated into the most recent Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework. Many pharmacies in Southampton and on the Island have already become HLP or have started their journey.

HLPs will deliver health and wellbeing services reliably and consistently based on a proactive Health Promotion ethos instilled by the training required to become a HLP. The pharmacy team will be informed and aware of all services offered by their pharmacy. Teams will be able to offer advice and support patients effectively with accurate signposting and referral when the need arises. The whole team will work together to deliver important health messages and advice as part of their normal day-to-day activity.

The focus of the messages will be the benefits for patients and the public, who will remain at the centre of all that is offered at the pharmacy. HLPs will display a quality mark of excellence that gives members of the public the assurance that anyone accessing services in a HLP will enjoy high standards of service and care.

2012 marked the beginning of the HLP programme in Hampshire, delivering high quality standards of service by dedicated teams at the heart of the community. With the results from the 2009 pilot in Portsmouth, and the pathfinder programme evaluation, Hampshire County Council and the Hampshire & IOW LPC have provided resources to lead implementation of HLPs throughout Hampshire.

Following the publication of Public Health England’s (PHE) new ‘Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 1 Quality Criteria’ and ‘Assessment of Compliance’, Hampshire and Isle of Wight LPC (now CPSC) and Hampshire County Council launched the Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) Guide, marking a real drive toward increasing and developing HLPs across Hampshire.

The Guide is an update to the previous Prospectus and marks the next step in the journey across Hampshire to increase the number of accredited HLPs. It can be used by any pharmacy, irrespective of their location and we hope this guide will be of use to any pharmacy looking to convert, or indeed revisit their HLP status. This comes at a time when the new funding arrangements, and in particular the introduction of the Quality Payment mechanism, encourages pharmacies to become HLP accredited.

CPSC announced a new initiative with a local partner organisation to support pharmacies in Hampshire to become HLP. We are focussing on Hampshire because this is the part of CPSC geography with the biggest opportunity. It has the lowest prevalance of existing HLPs in our area and yet has the highest number of pharmacies.

We have also attached some useful guidance on the role of the Health Champion that has been produced by our partners at Pharmacy Complete. This provides information on their role, their characteristics and qualities and how to access training which we hope will be of help to any contractor seeking to identify suitable candidates within their team to take on this important position.

Finally, we thought contractors and their teams would find it helpful to see a process map of what the Hampshire HLP & Pharmacy Complete route to accreditation looks like. Attached to the Hampshire drop down box (below) is a 'plan on a page' showing the steps of the journey. We hope you will be inspired to join us on it!

Pharmacy Complete have continued to support the HLP programme with various tools including newsletters and video that you may well find useful. A variety of resources available are shown in the 'Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) - More Information' drop down box (below) as well as the Pharmacy Complete website.

It is still possible to accredit your pharmacy as an HLP if you wish. Check out the details and assess your pharmacy against the HLP Countdown at:

Pharmacy Complete website:

** There is now a free on demand training webinar available on Blood Pressure monitoring. To access this, please go to the following CPSC News article page: