Discharge Medicines Service (DMS) Reminder

Stage 1 MUST BE COMPLETED as a minimum for ALL referrals received

Only exception is for those being rejected.

Currently across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Pharmacies complete approximately 65% of all referrals.


Discharge Medicines Service is an essential service (contractual requirement for all community pharmacies) for patients when they leave hospital. It has 3 stages for the community pharmacy to potentially do.

A patient information leaflet has been developed for use within all local hospitals to help inform the patient of what to expect. There will be an expectation from the patient that the pharmacy will be contacting them. A copy of the leaflet can be found in the supporting documents drop down on the DMS website page:


Local hospitals are making referrals via:

  • St Marys, Isle of Wight – PharmOutcomes
  • UHS, Southampton – PharmaOutcomes
  • HHFT, Winchester & Basingstoke – PharmOutcomes
  • QA, Portsmouth – nhs.net mail
  • Salisbury hospital, Salisbury - PharmOutcomes

The stages:


Description of process



1 DMS is received by the pharmacy


(minimum service level required contractually)

Check clinical information and actions.

Within 72 hrs (3 working days).


Are there any changes compared to pre-admission?

Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician

Any issues identified to be raised with the hospital or surgery?

Check for any outstanding prescriptions awaiting collection -are they still appropriate?

2. The first prescription is received

Check medicines prescribed post-discharge take account of the changes made. Any discrepancies, resolve them with the GP practice.

7-28 days post-discharge


Pharmacy Technician

3. Check of the patient’s understanding of their new medicines regimen

Check understanding of what medicines they should now be taking/using.


Where appropriate, other services can also be provided e.g. New Medicine Service.

First post-discharge prescription

Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician


Claim for service delivery

Submit claim on MYS along with Summary Data.

Monthly on MYS



What does PharmOutcomes look like & what do I need to complete?

Where it can be found on the services tab.

Completing Stage 1

For most people there won’t be any issues/ actions identified and the answer here will be No.


If you are completing the DMS after stage 1 – select service complete here.

If continuing with stage 2 & 3 at a later date, use the partial save button on the top right of the screen page.


NHS BSA are preparing a digital interface (API) to allow PharmOutcomes to send DMS claims automatically to the Manage Your Service (MYS) portal. This is not yet available for use but is expected early 2024.

Until then you can run a report on PharmOutcomes to get the data required for claiming, a guide on how to do is here:

Supporting information

PharmOutcomes training video for DMS:

CPE DMS digital guide:


NHS Toolkit: