VirtualOutcomes information

Online pharmacy training events set up to provide community pharmacies high quality online training to meet the needs of the whole pharmacy.

Community Pharmacy South Central has invested in a series of short online training modules to help support Health Promotion Activities. Each module lasts up to a maximum of 15 minutes, so it's quick and easy to complete each month.

The modules are aimed at Counter Staff and Health Champions, but may be enjoyed by the whole team.

The first available modules were on:

  • ‘Child Health matters’ – to fit with the national “Stay Well” campaign which is encouraging parents to bring their unwell children to see you instead of the doctor
  • ‘Stop Smoking’ - background information, tools and useful tips to help start conversations in your pharmacy
  • ‘Bowel Cancer’ - to fit with the Bowel Cancer Awareness month in April 2018

The modules play on PCs, Tablets and Smartphones and are available to watch whether you are in the pharmacy or at home. This gives the whole team more opportunities to stay up to date with health promotion knowledge as well as providing campaign ideas for your Healthy Living Information zone.

Access to the modules is very easy by completing an online registration the first time you participate. Once done you will be notified directly with details of the next available on-line training.

To get started first read the VirtualOutcomes - Easy to log-in guide and watch the video (link provided below), then...

Click here to watch the video

...finally, click the following link below and you'll be all set to commence your monthly learning:

First select your course type from the menu

Next you complete the registration form
Following this you see the Training lobby, where you can select the topic you wish to complete

Finally you can see all your results and print off certificates for completed modules (contact PharmOutcomes if certificates are wanted for older courses)

UPDATE (December 2018):

CPSC is pleased to confirm that it will continue to fund the VirtualOutcomes monthly training resources for all community pharmacies registered within Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth. Usage continues to grow, as more and more pharmacies are giving the modules a try, finding them easy to use, most useful in up-skilling their teams and providing vital links to support the organised national health campaigns and other key activities in the year.

VirtualOutcomes has now confirmed their planned programme for 2019, which includes the six Public Health campaigns. For the full programme please see the following linked flyer:

UPDATE (October 2018):

VirtualOutcomes reminder of training programmes available

Read more to recap on the FREE monthly training packages from late summer and autumn 2018, as well as the new Health Champion on-line training that can be subscribed to in the following CPSC article:

UPDATE (August 2018):

VirtualOutcomes usage increases across our local community pharmacies

Read more on how teams are using this resource more and more in the following CPSC News article:

For more information about VirtualOutcomes, check out their website at