Hampshire and Isle of Wight Health and Wellbeing Staff Support

Written by AlisonFreemantle on Friday 12th April 2024

Available to all Community Pharmacy Staff

The following sessions are available from Health and Wellbeing:

Exploring the Impact of Menopause and Neurodiversity

Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace are running a session on Menopause and Neurodiversity
Date: 23 April, 10am-11am

Understand this vital area of research with our webinar exploring the intersection of menopause and neurodiversity.

Led by Professor Julie Gamble-Turner, Dr. Rachel Moseley, and Eunhee Kim, this event sheds light on the research, funded by our Menopause Friendly Employer Awards, on the unique challenges faced by autistic individuals during menopause and the importance of tailored support systems.

Who Should Attend?
• Healthcare professionals
• Researchers
• Advocates for neurodiversity
• Employers and HR professionals
• Anyone interested in promoting inclusive support at work

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Menopause Coaching Series

Access our Menopause Coaching series on the People Portal

  • Mindset/goalsetting/accountability
  • Mood/Brain health and function
  • Weight management for Menopause and Beyond
  • Posture, Pain management and Pelvic floor
  • Optimising bone and heart health
  • Revisit/Review/Q&A

Menopause Coaching - People Portal (hiowpeople.nhs.uk)

Men’s Mental Health & Male Allyship with Lee Chambers

Watch this great three-part series with British psychologist, entrepreneur and speaker, Lee Chambers, on the People Portal.

Lee shares his own mental health journey and talks about how to be an effective ally and better leader/partner/colleague.

Watch on the People Portal: Lee Chambers' three-part series - People Portal (hiowpeople.nhs.uk)

Conversations on Burnout

Delve into the different aspects of burnout with Hazel Anderson-Turner: How it presents and some tools and techniques for recognising and understanding what support you might need.

In this series, Business Psychologist and Resilience Coach Hazel Anderson-Turner is joined in conversation by other coaches who specialise in different areas related to the prevention of burnout.  Topics cover include Compassionate Boundaries, Menopause Resilience and a Neurodivergent perspective.

Feedback from participants:

“Thank you so much- really powerful stuff.”

“I now understand what happened to me at work recently. My 'values buttons' got pressed.”

Watch on the People Portal: Burnout Session Recordings - People Portal (hiowpeople.nhs.uk)

Stress Management Course

Eight I/2-hour sessions where you will learn about:

  • Stress and how it affects us
  • Understanding and managing workplace stress
  • Understanding specific NHS workplace stress
  • Specific tools and techniques for stress management
  • Changing your thinking patterns and managing worry
  • Managing your routine and improving work/life balance
  • Living better in line with your own personal values
  • Mindfulness and breathing techniques to manage stress

Access them at your convenience on the People Portal: Stress Management Course - People Portal (hiowpeople.nhs.uk)