Hypertension Case Finding Service (Blood Pressure Check)

From the 1st December 2023

The Hypertension Case-Finding Service will re-launch on the 1st December. The updated service specification has not yet been published.

What’s changed?

The service will be able to be provided by any trained member of staff (it doesn’t need to be the pharmacist or technician).

There will be an increased focus on ABPM and increasing the uptake of ABPM.

  • It needs to be offered to all patients meeting the criteria.
  • It doesn’t need to be worn for 24 hrs – waking hours is sufficient

If you’ve not yet signed up to deliver sign up via MYS after reading the service specification, confirming IT provision and ensuring you have equipment required to deliver both BP and ABPM.

CPE Summary document:

Further information on the service changes will be discussed in the CPE Recovery Plan webinars on either 27th or 28th November 2023.

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