Lateral Flow Device Supply Service

Written by AlisonFreemantle on Friday 19th April 2024

Patient Eligibility Reminder

With the expanding cohorts, not everyone will have had a letter – please use clinical judgement on whether to supply or not.

Provision of LFD tests:

The pharmacy contractor must confirm the patient’s eligibility for a supply of LFD tests. This could be by:

  • Having a discussion with the patient or their representative about medical history, confirming they have a qualifying condition;
    • Consider reviewing the National Care Records Service (NCRS) and then use your clinical judgement
  • Seeing an NHS letter which confirms eligibility
  • Referring to pharmacy PMR; where the pharmacy has recorded previously seeing a copy of the patient’s NHS letter confirming eligibility

From the 1st Aprilthe lateral flow device (LFD) supply service for patients potentially eligible for COVID-19 treatments was updated to include the following additional patient groups:

  • people aged 85 years and over
  • people with end-stage heart failure who have a long-term ventricular assistance device
  • people on the organ transplant waiting list
  • people aged 70 years and over, or have a BMI of at least 35 kg/m2, or diabetes or heart failure, AND:
    • are resident in a care home, or
    • are already hospitalised.

Service reminder:

All Eligible patients can obtain a free box of five LFD tests from a community pharmacy signed up to provide the service. A positive LFD result may help to determine whether the patient is referred to a COVID-19 treatment service.

Pharmacies already signed up:

  • Amend SOP with updated eligibility list
  • Check stock levels
  • Check the Service is selected on your Profile Manager

Pharmacies not signed up: