The Latest Prescribing Newsletter from Frimley ICB

Written by AlisonFreemantle on Wednesday 3rd July 2024

For Pharmacies in North East Hampshire

The latest prescribing newsletter contains information on the following:

  • Puberty blockers and young people
  • NICE update
  • Iron supplement prescribing
  • MOTea save the date 24th July
  • OptimiseRx saving opportunities– Luforbec
  • Medicines safety– avoiding lookalike, sound-alike errors through safer prescribing support
  • New service Early Onset Type 2 Diabetes Programme (EOT2D)
  • MOCH corner– polypharmacy and medicines safety in care homes
  • Children’s AMS survey
  • Blood glucose test strips– formulary choices
  • Formulary updates
  • National patient safety alerts
  • New documents on NHS Frimley Medicines Optimisation website
  • May and June 2024 SCAN updates
  • Polypharmacy patient facing resources: supporting patients to get the most out of their SMRs 
  • MHRA alerts

Download here for more information and links: