NPA 'Ask Your Pharmacist' week: 11th - 18th November 2019

Pharmacies and pharmacy stakeholders can access a suite of campaign materials as well as a message from your LPC Chief Officer to help support you

The Ask Your Pharmacist public awareness campaign is part of ongoing efforts by the NPA, the NHS and others to promote community pharmacies as providers of clinical care and the first port of call for help with minor illnesses.

The key messages of this year’s AYP Week are:

  1. Community pharmacists are highly qualified health care professionals, who can provide clinical advice for common illnesses and support you to stay well
  2. Pharmacists work with other professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to give you the best possible care, as part of the local NHS team
  3. Visit your local pharmacy if you want clinical advice and prompt treatment for common illnesses like coughs, colds, eye infections and earaches

Resources and materials can be found on the following NPA website page:

Here you will find loads of useful information, including suggested tweets that we encourage you to post, retweet and like.

CPSC Chief Officer has produced the following message from your LPC to use during the campaign:

Key messages:

It’s National Ask Your Pharmacist Week (11-18 November 2019)

Remember to ‘think pharmacy first’ if you need advice or treatment for common illnesses like coughs, colds, eye infections and earaches.

As highly trained health care professionals, there’s a lot more that community pharmacists can help you with too.

Sometimes people go to a doctor or even a hospital for things that could be sorted out more conveniently at the pharmacy. You can consult your pharmacist about a wide range of health care issues, not just about medicines.

So, for convenient access to medicines, NHS services, support for healthy living and prompt clinical advice, Ask Your Pharmacist!