Pharmacy First: New Resources

Written by AlisonFreemantle on Friday 12th April 2024

Aimed at GPs

Community Pharmacy England has launched a set of materials including a video animation and infographic explaining how GP practices can refer into the Pharmacy First service. 

These have been developed to help increase understanding of the Pharmacy First service amongst GPs and their practice teams. The animation describes when referrals to pharmacies can be made and the consultations that pharmacists provide, as well as learning from similar services. The infographic offers the same information in a one-page factsheet format, and there’s also a range of social media-friendly content. 

These materials, found here: Pharmacy First: Information for GPs webpage, are intended to offer an introduction to the service, explaining the logistics behind it and addressing any potential concerns. The resources demonstrate how Pharmacy First expands on work that pharmacists have already been doing, using their skills as experts in medicines and managing minor conditions to determine which medicines to give and when. 

GP materials on Pharmacy First 

We would encourage you to share the animation with local GP practices and PCNs to improve understanding and engagement with the GP referral pathway into the Pharmacy First service in your area. We will be sharing with the LMC and ICBs.

You can show the animation directly from the Community Pharmacy England website, but if you need access to a downloadable version, please email: 

PF infographic.png