Pharmacy First: Referrals for Minor Illness

Written by AlisonFreemantle on Thursday 28th March 2024

A reminder these referrals can still be completed

Following the introduction of the 7 clinical pathways we have seen a number of rejections by pharmacies for some of the low acuity, minor illnesses.

These minor illnesses can still be completed as part of Pharmacy First.

You may not know which service the patient is suitable for until you assess them. E.g. a patient may have a referral for a sore throat from the GP surgery or from 111. Until assessment you will not know whether suitable for the clinical pathway or for PF minor illness (old CPCS referral).

A list of minor illness symptoms groups identified for referral to a community pharmacist (this list is not exhaustive):‚Äč

Acne, spots, and pimples Allergic reaction
Ankle or foot pain or swelling Athlete’s foot
Bites or stings, insect, or spider Blisters
Constipation Cough
Cold and ‘flu Diarrhoea
Ear discharge or ear wax Earache
Eye, red or irritable Eye, sticky or watery
Eyelid problems Hair loss
Headache Hearing problems or blocked ear
Hip, thigh, or buttock pain or swelling itch Knee or lower leg pain
Lower back pain Lower limb pain or swelling
Mouth ulcers Nasal congestion
Pain and/or frequency passing urine Rectal pain
Scabies Scratches and grazes
Sinusitis Shoulder pain
Skin, blisters or rash Sleep difficulties
Sore throat Teething
Tiredness Toe pain or swelling
Vaginal discharge Vaginal itch or soreness
Vomiting Wound problems
Wrist, hand, or finger pain or swelling