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Written by AlisonFreemantle on Friday 10th May 2024

Product Focus

A focus on two products available on the Hampshire & Isle of Wight prescribing formulary.

Acepiro® and theiCal-D3®

Acepiro® is indicated in adults as a mucolytic agent for the treatment of respiratory tract diseases.

Dosage: One tablet daily after food. Each tablet should be dissolved in half a glass of water.

Acepiro® can be dispensed for prescriptions for acetylcysteine 600mg effervescent tablets. Patients should be advised not to take antibiotics within 2 hours as Acepiro® as this reduces the efficacy of the drug.

theiCal-D3® is indicated in adults for the prevention and treatment of vitamin D and calcium deficiency in the elderly and also as an adjunct to specific osteoporosis treatment of adults who are at risk of vitamin D and calcium deficiency.

Dosage: One tablet daily, chewed

theiCal-D3 was considered the best performer on the combined elements of taste, palatability and convenience in a patient preference survey of 69 patients, compared to Adcal D3, Calcichew D3, Calceos and Calci-D1. Palatability was described as whether the tablets were chalky and if this would stop the patient taking the tablets.