Recruitment of Trainee Pharmacists via Oriel for 2025 intake

Employers must register by 1st March

All trainee pharmacists for 2025/26 must be recruited via the National Recruitment Scheme, Oriel. The National Recruitment Scheme will close on March 1st 2024.  

It is expected there will be a national shortage of places in 2025 and some graduates won't get a foundation year place.

NHSE are running a series of online support sessions will run throughout February. These will be ad-hoc online drop in support sessions for you to discuss with WT&E South East any specific issues and questions you may have relating to Oriel and registering your training programmes. The times and links are below:  

2025 is the first year where the trainee will need to include access to a DPP. There is a local agreement in place to ensure all trainee pharmacists in community pharmacy will have access to a DPP at one of the five NHS Trusts.