UPDATE: VirtualOutcomes usage increases across our local community pharmacies

More and more pharmacies are using this newly available FREE training provided for the healthcare team each month. Read more for a progress update....

VirtualOutcomes is a quick free of charge online training platform (approx 15 minutes each month) for all community pharmacies located in Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth to make use of.

Each month focuses on a different healthcare topic providing useful information and references for the team to then use in their daily conversations in their pharmacy. Make sure your team do not miss out on this simple opportunity of keeping up to date with current healthcare issues.

ACTION REQUIRED: Register now by following guidance shown in the CPSC News article: https://www.cpsc.org.uk/news/latest-cpsc-news/virtualoutcomes

Once registered, each person in your team is then able to access each month's new training programme; as well as the ever increasing library of previous months healthcare topics. Usage of VirtualOutcomes is growing quickly as shown in the infographic shown below.

Virtual Outcomes has been funded by CPSC to help pharmacies meet their requirement to support health promotion activities throughout the year.