Using Accurx to Support Delivery of Pharmacy First

Written by AlisonFreemantle on Friday 19th April 2024

Webinar 25th April at 6.30pm

Accurx are hosting their first ever webinar for community pharmacies next week.

Understand how to use Accurx to support the delivery of Pharmacy First with demos from the team and a Q&A with two current users.

Attendees will the first to use the feature to quickly and effectively screen and monitor patients – without the need for a phone call.

In this webinar, they'll show you how to enhance your delivery of Pharmacy First services by using Accurx to:

  • Make signposting and safety netting easier
  • Reduce the time spent contacting patients
  • Support clinical pathways using video consultations.

You will hear from other pharmacists about how they're using the secure software to contact patients via SMS, share clinical information with a patient's GP and host video consultations to support Pharmacy First clinical pathways.

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