VirtualOutcomes latest training package

This month's topic is Steroid Emergency Card


Update: May 2021

To support you in building further relationships across primary and secondary care, VirtualOutcomes have slightly amended this training to provide an additional package for you to use with your Hospitals and Surgeries. This is designed to talk these teams through the 'National Patient Safety Alert' and draw their attention to the things they need to consider to ensure they implement it.

  • CPSC encourage pharmacies to share this resource with any interested PCN pharmacists

Action required: 

Pharmacies need to have implemented the supply of the Steroid Emergency Card to appropriate patients by 13th May?*

This is as a result of the National Patient Safety Alert that was issued last year to reduce the serious risk of adrenal crisis. Details of the NPSA are on the following NHS website page:

To support this, VirtualOutcomes has released a course to provide the pharmacies with all the info they need to support their patients.

* Our CPSC Chief Officer has clarified with Richard Brown at VirtualOutcomes that we are not the initial source of supply as she thinks his statement above could be misleading. He has acknowledged that GPs should be doing this and we are the back-up. This point is clarified in the virtual training.

This quick online training (approx 15 minutes) is provided free of charge to all community pharmacies located in Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth. The training has been funded by CPSC to help pharmacies meet their requirement to support health promotion activities throughout the year.

The link required to access this months training is:

You can access or download the flyer weblink shown below with live links by clicking this VirtualOutcomes Steroid Emergency Card flyer weblink.pdf

VirtualOutcomes Training flyer 2021.05.png

More information concerning VirtualOutcomes can be read at: