NHS Flu Service (Influenza vaccination)

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Service Documents 2023

The NHS Service specification can be found here:

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Training 2023

As dates become available, we will update them here.

Vaccination training for staff:

ECG Training https://ecgtraining.co.uk/product/fullvaccinetraining/?

  • 20th August - Southampton 9am - FULLY BOOKED
  • 20th August - Southmpton 1.30pm - FULLY BOOKED

There are other dates and venues (not local) available, please check the ECG Training website.

CPSC Flu updates

The 'CPSC Flu updates' drop down boxes below contains documents, communications and additional information; providing information updates and suggested tasks to complete in order to support successful delivery.

Below, is other important flu related information, documents and resources that we have uploaded into the numerous CPSC news articles published:

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